Alif allah chambey di booty.


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The song is folksy yet cool, old-fashioned yet modern — perfect fusion of two distinct identities. Musically, it retains its conventional rhythm but refurbished with modern instruments. Music sensible, it is folksy yet cool: where Lohar clanks their trademark chimta, Meesha lends her effective vocals and Gumby wows all together with thunderous drumming. I didn’t get a single word. Thank you for the English translation. Its a tremendously beautiful song. Even though,i didnt obtain the definition initially, we liked it.

And today,i know the meaning also ;. Exactly what an incredible track it has truly handled my heart it’s very inspiring and very soothing!! Jesus bless you guys!! Regards, Arvind Rao Mumbai, Asia. O adims, I appriciate your energy. Hi, we talk almost no Punjabi but even I can note that this translation features little in common with the original.

Article a Comment. Posted by Shaan Haider. Anonymous, June 9, at AM i ws luking 4-d damn lyrix aftr listning d song as i gt nthng 1st time.

Santosh, Summer 15, at PM Its a rather gorgeous tune. Manoj dhiman, October 14, at AM good tune Jugni ji. Syed, October 30, at PM Amazing tune! Shaan , November 2, at PM You can install through the website link provided above within the post. Its a beneficial quality mp3, nearly of 12MB.

Arshi, November 21, at PM this track is amazing, i really like it! Prateek , November 30, at PM Mast gana Soch , January 1, at AM Great translation for a good track. Aadatalone, January 16, at PM gorgious. Shaan Haider , January 30, at PM ya! Nehal, Summer 18, at PM this is simply not the actual words. Hameet Singh, August 5, at PM almost all of the words and meaning are wrong i am a sikh but , this is certainly related to gods love and i involve some knowledge Fadas, November 12, at AM thankyou a great deal for posting the interpretation in english Dilshad Ali, December 24, at PM this combine energy of the team therefore nice and especialy for the arif lohar ji and meesha shafi ji.

Itsamitsingh, December 31, at PM divine:makes me want to kiss your own feet of most saints. Saby69, February 18, at PM jus ooooooooooosummmmm. Newer Article Old Post Home. Contribute to: Post Comments Atom. Present Articles Loading


Alif allah chambey di booty.What do the words associated with song Jugni (Coke studio) imply? – Quora

Alif allah chambay di booti, tey meray murshid mann vich lai hoo My master has grown the fragrant seed of love within my heart. Ho nafi uss baat da paani dey kay Which flourished with modesty, piety and acceptance of his presence. Har ragaay harjai hoo My Jesus is present in almost every throbbing pulse. Ho joog joog jeevay mera murshid sohna. Jan 28,  · Alif Allah Chambe Di Booty Murshad Guy Wich Layi Hoo Nafi Asbaat Da Paani Miliya Har Ragay Har Jayee Hoo. بوٹی اندر مشک مچایا تے جان پھولن تے آئی ہو جیوے مرشد کامل باھو جہن اے بوٹی لائی ہو. Booty Aundar Mushk Machaya Tey Jaan Phulan Tey Aayi Hoo. Jan 12,  · Alif allah chambay di booti, tey meray murshid mann vich lai hoo Ho nafi uss baat da paani dey kay Har ragaay harjai hoo Ho joog joog jeevay mera murshid sohna Hatay jiss ay booti lai ho My master features grown the fragrant seed of love in my heart Which flourished with modesty, piety and acceptance of their presence.

Alif Allah chambe di booti, Murshid mann wich laaee hoo Nafee asbaat da pane jitda, Har rage harjae hoo. Andar booti mushk machaya, Jaan phullan te aae hoo. Jeeve Kaamil Murshid “Bahu”, Jis eh booti laee hoo. Eh tan meraa ankhyan hove,, te Murshid wekh na rajjaan hoo. Loon loon de wich lakh lakh chashmaan, te primary Ik kholaan ik kajjaan hoo. Itniaan dithiaan mainu sabar naa aave, te main len kide wall surface bhajjaan hoo. Murshid daa deedaar ve “Baahoo”, mainu Lakh karorhaan hajjaan hoo.

Had been my entire body festooned with eyes,. I would personally gaze at my Master with untiring zeal. O, the way I wish that each and every pore of my own body, Would turn into a million eyes —. Then, as some closed to blink, other people would open to see! But even then my thirst to see him,.

Might remain unquestioned. Exactly what else are we to accomplish? To me, O Bahu, a glimpse of my Master,. Imaan salaamat har koi Mangda, ishq salaamat koi hoo. Managwan Imaan sharmaavan ishqon, Mere Dil noon ghairat laai hoo. Jis manzil nu ishq puchaave, Imaan nu khabar na kai hoo. Mera Ishq salaamat rakheen “Bahoo”, Main imaano deva duhai hoo. Believers pray to Jesus when it comes to security of faith,. But few pray for the present of their love.

I will be embarrassed at what they ask for,. Much more at what they’re prepared to yield. Religion is fairly unacquainted with the spiritual plane,. To which love can enhance us. O Lord, keep my love for your needs ever-fresh,. Says Bahu: i will mortgage my religion for this. Newer Article Senior Article Residence.