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It appears to be as you’re new here. If you want to get involved, mouse click one of these brilliant buttons! Both HiS and MS do approximately exactly the same thing, and no-one appears to have published a definitive response in regards to the difference if any between them. Nevertheless, it is rumoured that the average of the two figures i. You need to ensure that your Thief is wielding a melee weapon perhaps not his bow, for example.

In BG2 your monk would be significantly faster compared to other characters unless they usually have boots of speed. Although we too thought it was a throw-away ability, I today find myself utilizing it extremely frequently. It is the only thing to buy We’ll nonetheless need a thief to get rid of traps, therefore may as well let them focus on that , yet again HiS is and MS is one thing above 50, I’m essentially hidden when I desire to be prior to encountering an enemy.

As opposed to permitting an enemy in a dungeon have actually enough time it takes to close in on them to buff, prepare spells, and sometimes even just shoot anything within my party, i could pop up right next to them.

In addition does help with scouting, which the monk is very good at due to the increased motion speed. I’ll need certainly to work it out with a monk. By the way, do fists count as backstab weapons? AnonymousHero but I can stick a sword when you look at the monk’s hand and obtain the backstab multiplier, yes? Games Baldur’s Gate: Improved Edition.

Icewind Dale: Improved Edition. Baldur’s Gate: Siege of Dragonspear. Planescape: Torment: Enhanced Edition. Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition. Baldur’s Gate: Improved Edition. Howdy, Stranger! Check In Register. Groups Buy now. Attention, brand-new and old users! Please read the brand new rules of conduct for the community forums, and we also hope you enjoy your stay! Blinkk Member blogs: I’ve played baldurs gate for decades and I’ve actually never used both of these capabilities any time I play the game.

I don’t actually determine what they are doing. What is the point of concealing in shadows? I have never ever actually had to make use of it. I’ve tried backstabbing, but my thief always misses or it does not replicate the destruction was I doing it incorrect?

I am starting a unique game with a monk, and monks get these abilities. Just how do I make use of these capabilities, especially in regards to monks? Gallowglass Member blogs: 3, September It doesn’t work if an enemy is able to see the Thief, and it also frequently fails if the Thief is standing in brilliant light, so that your Thief should be out of the enemy’s line of sight and standing in a shadow or exterior during the night. Exception: unlike ordinary Thieves, a Shadowdancer can enter Stealth even though an enemy is seeing him.

However, once you’ve successfully entered Stealth, you’ll be able to go back to bright light and you’ll nevertheless be invisible. Having said that, other people have reported that HiS and MS have exactly the same impact as you another, and I also’m not certain which report is correct. The chance of getting into Stealth normally afflicted with the light amount, which is the reason why it generally fails if for example the Thief is standing in bright light. Both HiS and MS continue steadily to improve as much as a score of – as well as that kind of level it is possible to often enter Stealth even yet in bright sunlight.

Backstab will always fail if the Thief can be viewed. You need to make sure that your Thief is wielding a melee gun maybe not their bow, for example , and after that you put your Thief into Stealth or make use of a potion or enchantment of invisibility , and then you have to get your Thief placed approximately behind the goal by just walking as much as the opponent whilst nevertheless invisible, then stepping behind him , and then yet not before then you tell the Thief to strike the target.

The Thief will straight away break invisibility and attack, and if the Thief’s first-strike is a winner, that’s when you get the multiplied harm. If the enemy doesn’t have a lot of HP, then an individual backstab with multiplier will often drop the opponent on that very first hit. After the first assault whether or not it strikes or misses , the Thief is visible and is in ordinary melee resistant to the target if you don’t killed the mark utilizing the backstab, needless to say , so that you then might want to get him out of there rapidly or take a potion going hidden once more.

Some opponents particularly in ToB are protected to backstab, then you definitely however have the chance for a winner but there’ll be no damage multiplier. You are able to sneak past opponents, scout ahead, and backstab. It’s really very useful. Backstabbing is certainly not great at low levels, but as soon as you arrive at the end of bg1 it gets useful. In the event your good at it you could chunk difficult foes without any fight this really is always the way I have beyond the cowled wizard into the planar sphere, bg2. For a monk there is actually no point, but I guess you are able to however result in the very first move.

Gallowglass stated:. September edited September Also Dee type of pointed out that they do the same. What this means is, then, that Thief Stealth actually works identically to Ranger Stealth. There clearly was really just one skill which the online game motor uses in calculating the prosperity of a stealth attempt, which can be the single figure called “Stealth” for a Ranger but is the common for the two figures called “cover In Shadows” and “Move quietly” for a Thief. We already suspected that it was the scenario, from watching the consequence on a Ranger’s “Stealth” figure of equipping and unequipping different items which separately boost either “Hide In Shadows” or “Move Silently” – both boost a Ranger’s Stealth figure by half of the product’s bonus, whether or not the bonus will be HiS or even MS.

Thus the actual only real cause for the game to supply a Thief both “cover in Shadows” and “Move quietly” just as if these were separate abilities whenever really they may be exactly the exact same skill is that this makes Stealth “twice as high priced” as various other Thief skills, i.

It really is obviously deliberate that Stealth is more pricey than other Thief skills, so fair sufficient. Fixed after 15 years of travelling”. Azamath Member Posts: it simply has to be a melee weapon that single-class thieves could ordinarily make use of. A blunt gun like a club or a quarterstaff could also be used to backstab because thieves can normally make use of those.

Mathsorcerer Member Posts: 3, That is what “move silently” and “hide in shadows” do. FinneousPJ Member Posts: 6, WebShaman Member Posts: FinneousPJ Only if trying to backstab. FinneousPJ stated:.

AnonymousHero Associate Blogs: Blinkk stated:. They nevertheless have an attack extra when attacking from shadows, just not the excess dmg. Blinkk for those who tend to be getting started and did not transfer your monk from BG Although you can compensate with a strength item in BG2, with 19 strength you are able to let others have actually those products.

I have mixed emotions about this. Regarding the one-hand it compensates when it comes to not enough any real wearable robes for a monk, the reality that bracers of defense do-nothing in BG2 once your base AC is as reduced as or less than the bracers, and also the fact that they did not put extra to AC based on Wisdom similar to Dexterity which existed within the pen and paper variation.

The extra helps make the monk manageable and playable at very early levels. Having said that, but, the extra combined wth an ever before reducing AC starts to give the monk some ridiculous AC while he goes along. Mine is turing into a genuine tank and is only amount He has an AC of -8 without even making use of the most useful AC improvements available to him other fighters within my group have -8 or -9 since I gone aided by the higher dex choices of Mazzy, Jaheira, and Anomen with Dexterity gauntlets and have a tendency to spread the wealth.

Only letting you know just in case you want to take time to go through BG1 for those differences and also the feeling of taking him or her through all the games, if you weren’t currently doing that of course. I have never ever enjoyed a monk before Rasaad is variety of poor when you initially discover him in Nashkill but i am reading through to them and determining how to use them. I’m still kind of new to BG as well, in addition to stats can often be quite complicated. Anyways, that glitch seems interesting.

I don’t know that I’ll play the whole first game just to have that increase, however. It might be enjoyable to work alongside the monk since it the first time around and really become accustomed to him. Then, maybe later I am able to perform some glitch thank you for the heads-up, in either case. Exploiting such problems isn’t remotely essential.

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Baldurs gate hide in shadows.Question about stealth :: Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition BGEE basic discussion (spoilers)

Jun 26,  · Hide and Move silently are essentially added collectively and split by 2. move silently and 0 hide vs hide and move quietly = the exact same. You can find modifiers based on the armor you put on (I think), light amounts, etc. So to full cover up effectively you need around things in both. Pick pockets needs to be high. Sep 04,  · Hide in Shadows and Move quietly allow your Thief to go into Stealth (for example. be invisible without the need to make use of a potion or spell) once you click the Stealth key (the half-shadowed face) on your Thief’s control bar. It does not work if an enemy can easily see the Thief, also it generally does not work properly in the event that Thief is standing in brilliant light, therefore. Stealth (Hide in Shadows/Move Silently) and Backstab Thieves can choose to enter Stealth mode—effectively becoming hidden for a time—by choosing the Stealth switch. As soon as hidden, their next assault is a backstab for either x2, x3, or x4 damage, depending on the level of the thief.

Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Webpage. Global Accomplishments. Exactly what these Thief kits confuses me personally is: Just how can they promote my gameplay? When can I set traps? Just how do I cover in Shadows efficiently??

Does go Silently pairs with Hide in Shadow?? Showing 1 – 7 of 7 feedback. They have been complicated at first. Hide and Move quietly tend to be fundamentally included together and divided by 2. There are modifiers in line with the armor you wear I think , light levels, etc. So to hide effectively you want around things in both. Pick pockets needs become high. More than If you want to put it to use.

If you don’t disregard it totally. Set traps just needs to be at no greater. Exactly the same holds true of finding traps and starting hair. And identify illusions. You really need to set traps when preparing for huge battles. Perfect locations are in entrances you realize enemies will need to go through, and you can open a door then kite all of them to the traps.

If you’d like to get cheesy you can save, observe a fight plays out, reload, and then use that knowledge to capture up a room. If you’d like to play with more realism simply make use of your most useful view. The kits: Assassin is a backstab kit. You need to use hit and fade techniques. Swashbuckler is to find a great thief with defensive bonuses. If you do not like backstabbing they are pretty awesome. Bounty Hunter gets special traps. If you want laying traps they truly are your dudes.

Since the game gives you few great thieves to pick from it’s not an awful idea to move one up your self. If you wish get things to: Find traps available locks then choose your favorites. Pick pockets is awesome for beginning the game and getting tailored up. Identify illusions is a totally free real seeing and early on is sort of amazing.

Traps have a good amount of uses. Last modified by smooth Lockpick ; 26 Jun, pm. Ginjjii See Profile View Blogs. Final modified by Ginjjii ; 26 Jun, pm. Thank you guys! A couple of things to notice with pick pocketing. Unlike into the original BG, you’ll see an email towards the aftereffect of “this target has no items which could be stolen by a pick pocket of your ability.

Choose pocketing may also be used to steal things from some shops. If effective, you obtain the product at no cost. In the event that you fail, they call the guards. Therefore I quicksave before I attempt to steal anything, and again if we succeed Note nonetheless, that shopkeepers will likely not buy stolen things items right stolen with choose pocketing do not count as “stolen” , so you can not keep repeating this tactic. There is a fence during the Thieves’ Guild in the city of Baldur’s Gate.

She’s going to get stolen items, but you can’t steal right back from her. I will quickly afford the Shadow Armor, Dagger of Venom and a set of Ankheg armor, and also have plenty left. Traps and hiding cannot be attempted in LOS of a hostile target Shadow performers can cover within adversary LOS but have actually a extra lengthy cooldown on hiding. The only real armor with thief skill penalties is elven chainmail. The rest are meant to have charges but unless these people were added recently in hidden fix, they don’t really have any. Light degree being in a shadow or not both lessen the charges in your conceal attempts.

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