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Someone said you unlock material for going prestiege. Holographic Sight vs. Red Dot. This or MW1 or WaW? Tengo Suckar! Dominos Challenge. Not camping is the work to getting to a campsite. Tech Support. How could you and a friend join the exact same community Match from various devices? Just how can u change the difficulty in campaign?

Search and Destroy bomb assistance? How can I lock on with Rocket Launchers? Side Venture.


Call of duty 2 mods xbox 360.Release – Call of Duty 2 [Xbox Mod Menus GSC and CFG] (ISO Modding) | CabConModding

Jan 02,  · How to Mod Modern Warfare 2 on Xbox for Noobs. Sep 23,  · I ported them to xbox which took a hot min to complete. Gsc is not a lot of on xbox for cod 2 and so I had to earn some sacrifices along the way. The initial video clip you will notice is my first effort at modding this online game on xbox and its all cfg based and bind based etc. The next video clip is a sp and mp gsc mod menu that used p!x’s menus as a base. Mar 01,  · Call of Duty: Ebony Ops II Modding Xbox discover and upload the most recent Call of Duty: Black Ops II modding Xbox to assist you on the modding journey. PC. PlayStation 3.

Unlock the Gold camouflage for all tools in a particular class age. Successfully finish the indicated jobs into the listed missions in venture mode to obtain the corresponding ending:. Perks: it is possible to you can easily choose a complete of six benefits, but this limits the total amount of modification you certainly can do for the course. You may want to choose no benefits from the benefits listing, and instead focus more on equipment and weapon accessories. By standard, you are able to pick three perks for the class, one from each slot.

Wildcards permit you to select one additional perk per slot for a complete of six benefits. Perks don’t affect your tools stats. For example, you are going to need to utilize accessories to boost accuracy or much deeper bullet penetration.

There are additionally no professional benefits when you look at the online game. Scorestreaks: Killstreaks have been changed with Scorestreaks, which are generated by killing enemies, helping teammates, and finishing various targets. As an example, a standard kill gets you things, but catching a flag gets you points. You will also get points as soon as your teammates eliminate enemies while your UAV is energetic. It is possible to provide at the most three Scorestreak benefits at exactly the same time.

Your Scorestreak resets to zero once you perish. Wildcards: You will get 10 allocation points to use on weapons, equipment, and benefits with each Create-A-Class. Each weapon, tool accessory, perk, and equipment uses 1 allocation point, but you can only invest 10 allocation things per course. Should you not utilize any perks, that will save three things, that may then be employed to equip more gun accessories or grenades.

You could also carry only a secondary weapon with two attachments, have actually four perks, plus one grenade. You could also optionally choose up to three Wildcards for the course, which often give various choices to modify your class even more.

As an example, by default your primary gun are loaded with two attachments, however with the main Gunfighter Wildcard, the weapon are equipped with three accessories. Each Wildcard makes use of 1 allocation point. Some Wildcards, like the Perk Greed, require you to select an extra perk, which also utilizes 1 extra point.

But, this will leave you with just one point to pay on a weapon. Search the indicated places to locate all 33 intel laptops. Note: You must finish a mission ahead of the intel you obtained in that mission counts as being gathered. Thoughts is broken in control and ordered to hunt down the mortar groups, you’ll get from the company.

Ultimately, you certainly will reach an overturned armored transportation, where you will be able to obtain mortar shells. The intel will be the right of the vehicle. Once you are from the ship, climb up the ladder from the left. Go towards the front for the ship, and look in the part to obtain the intel in a corner to your right. Through the escape, you are going to go by tall sniper towers. After your AI companion tosses a smoke grenade, you will definitely reach a second set of towers one tall and one small.

The intel is through to the perch associated with smaller of the two sniper towers. After the wing suit cutscene, you will achieve a facility with plenty of opponents. After fighting within the hillside, you are going to attain a helipad for which you encounter drones.

After obtaining objective to take control of a drone, a space will open in your left. The intel is around on a table. Once you enter the underground center, look to your left as you enter an area with a big staircase regarding the far end.

Just left associated with the entrance is a tiny reception desk through a screen. The intel is sitting on a desk, which you yourself can grab through the screen. Fundamentally, you will definitely satisfy and save a scientist.

Then, opponents will start appearing. After killing the opponents, go right to the area that includes opened up during the various other end associated with the space you’re in. The area is straight opposite from where you are supposed to switch the keys as well. The intel is on a desk right across from the entry to the space. As soon as the conference stops in the cave, check out your prior to making.

The intel is up against the wall surface, near three NPCs. While from the horse, you may cross lots of warning flags establishing ammo and weapon caches. Look for a red flag with a weapon crate behind it, and a giant stone sticking up behind the banner.

The intel are at the base of this banner. If you’re ordered to get back the ammo dump, get back to a large ravine, with wood bridges stretching across it. Ahead of the firstly these bridges, try to find a tiny course leading up to an increasing rugged area. Increase the trail locate a cave. Check out just the right regarding the cave entry to get the intel. When you’re controlling Raul, go right to the straight back regarding the burning barn, and appear behind the wagon to obtain the intel.

When you start the assault regarding the mansion, check out the ability to see a bell tower. There are two main ladders prior to the most truly effective. Rise up both ladders to find the intel about halfway up the 2nd ladder.

Jump off the 2nd ladder to attain the tiny flooring with all the intel. Into the underground area, you can expect to go through a sunken medication laboratory filled with cocaine. Inside, aim to the far left region of the room to get an entrance leading into another small room because of the intel on the right side, on a bench. This intel is in the room you come from. Just look to the right, and you’ll notice it against the wall surface. After starting the gate and dodging the bus, appearance suitable for a little alcove because of the intel on the ground.

Once you sneak past the drones as they are out from the liquid, only walk right to discover the intel ahead. After having your eyes scanned, go directly to the far right end of the host area. The intel is on a desk, perfectly for the elevator.

Once you are in the shopping center, check out your right as you pass a set of stairs for a store called “d’HO”. The intel is behind the solution countertop in the store. Once you are going outside, through the bar, stay to the right side of the area. Hug the walls, and look for a little kiosk with some type of computer. It is several feet right in front of a neon sign that says “LKH” upon it. The intel is next to the computer system. After going into the warehouse through the skylights, get across the catwalks, and enter a small area with stairs leading down.

Before going down, check out the left to see racks up against the wall surface utilizing the intel on when associated with racks. When entering a large available church section of the slums, look for a purple building on the far remaining side of the slums with a large opening when you look at the wall surface, and a burning dumpster outside of it.

The intel is within the building. The building because of the intel is also near a purple building with a white sign that says “Gran Fans Herramientas”. Whenever entering the next building, you will see a cutscene. The intel is simply ahead next area, sitting on a metal dining table. If the mission begins, do not exit the big courtyard you start in. Rather, choose stairs leading up in to the tower on your left, before attaining the streets. Go up the steps to find the intel on the floor.

When you gain control over the drones, go through the street. As soon as you go around a corner, you will have an enemy shooting at you from a window. The intel is in that space on the floor in the straight back left corner, behind some containers. You will need to be standing on the cardboard boxes to get the intel. When you escape city and generally are on the cliffside, there will be two white houses. The intel is on top for the 2nd residence. Go up the exterior staircase regarding the right, and proceed with the external balcony around to get a ladder into the roof.

The intel is on the remaining region of the roofing. Once you reach the connection associated with ship, you will be able to take control of turrets. Try to find the intel on a desk nearby the windows, in the right side regarding the area. After you discover Briggs, you are going to attain a-room high in computers. Remain along the right side wall. You will see a staircase on your right. Go up the stairs, and the intel is going to be on the close to a little dining table.

From the ship’s trip deck, you will observe two VTOLs making use of their doors open. Try looking in the next VTOL the final jet; 63m from your goal to get the intel.