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Proceed with the Fader.New Video: Kelly Rowland – ‘Lay It On Me (ft. Big Sean)’ – That Grape Juice


Via Hip Hollywood :. Jesus is Lord! We presented many a prayer conference for a fierce program and deliver Ms. Kelly performed! We give many thanks.

Your email won’t be posted. Let us know everything you have to state:. Save my title, mail, and website in this browser for the following time I comment. View the haters come on in right here…. We never understood the idea of posting on some body you are not a fan of LOL. All that chocolate sexiness. She’s about to close the game DOWN! Most of the haters fall straight back. She seems great and I wish this will be a hit on her. Sam is definetely overreacting concerning the choreo, however!

Yeahhhhhhh eventually Kelly!!! Pop Royalty Your nasty…your getting raunchier and raunchier!! I simply believed that Sam overexaggerated about the snippet a little, but he really loves her a whole lot, so he can do that. Well, Bieber got indeed there as a result of Usher and GaGa most likely had a nomination because of Beyonce, but kindly tell me that Bieber ended up being simply invited and didn’t do!

She will do hardly any live performing and a great deal of dancing…. I think I am viewing this! He is able to do their skits. The thing that i would like him become doing on a stage is do skits and cleanse the ground. Therefore relieved. All you people listed below are disgusting!!!! However you would you like to big up Rihanna distributing legs every really min, soo ass-backwards!!!!!

WTF does it have related to her epidermis colour?? Anywho, the choreogrpahy does look great and Kelly does appear to be she actually is going hard into the video clip.

She has an excellent figure. Looks like the video could be a lot better than anticipated. We agree, and envious of success. After all, cmon, every post is like this. But yes, discover hating on your own race happening though. Your mother, I became thing the same motivation component 2. Nothing exciting to look at in my opinion. Giiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll……… u betta work! Hott video! Those men r therefore danm fine…lol!

Ok last one!! Hopefully, this video will premiere before the end of the month. Thnx Sam! I love Kelly, she seems great and all sorts of. But this would have already been released back in July. I’m sure people want her to shine but this would have now been done months ago. Can we get a new staff for her, please? I am going to congratulate her though, she actually is moving from an all round FLOP who is able to barely offer shyte to being a singles artist.

Baby actions I Suppose. It looked like an extension regarding the motivation vid a lot more than everything. U dont have actually become a hater to share with it enjoy it is, Kelly appears great but this really is the inspiration video on an ordinary back ground.

Even d choreo could pass for either tune. Constantly one of d first ppl to comment on every post. U shd most likely dedicate half that time for you getting English university fees or something like that JustSaying. Kelly goes very difficult with this video clip! When will you all start to connect Christianity with righteousness in place of whoever would go to Church and may grab a Bible! That is a step down for Kelly!

Has anyone heard the quality of music, singing and lyrics on Simply Deep? Think about it Kelly, think outside of the box, do something differently. This tune gone inflate just like motivation once this fire video clip come out! Think about it follow me on Twitter youngcarlwayne. A-L-L once more!

Plus, it will probably formally impact airwaves! Her epidermis is glistening and appears so flawless while the wig is cute. Lay it On me personally is another guaranteed in full hit! She Jan she’ll be starring inside her very own program on television. So yes kelly is doing it up. Haters can hate. Go teamkelly. Tell me, how can you clarify that? For this reason they’d to go!! Matthew Knowles has become obtaining the final laugh!!

Ebony guys must feel therefore superior to or perhaps a little unsatisfied by the females inside their household that they think just a female from another competition can provide the joy, joy and fulfillment. I cant figure it.

Maybe they are more impacted by communities beauty ideals than woman…. Funny thing is, Kelly s frame is nearer to the figures of this light skinned or white women some guys idolize however you however cant discover beauty in that?

Must be, just brutal!! Long-story short.. Why waste our time arguing with haters although we might be available to you making things happen by requestin set it on me on radios and purchasing it on itunes and amazon?

We request whenever wd want and no hater can stop that. Now get plug a boiler in a socket and change it on,when it gets red hot,stick it in ur neck. Unique: Michael B. Toggle navigation. Beyonce Chris Brown H. Kelly Rowland. Posted: Thursday 8th Sep by Sam. Published under: Kelly Rowland. Trapped In the Closet: Hiding In…. DestinyBoston September 8, JR September 8, September 8, Ghetto Fab September 8, skip Rowland has landed! Ummmm Paul what kind of guy or boy hates on women!

Grow up dickhead. Rich September 8, Speaks Truth September 8, Throw up queenbey September 8, Lola September 8, we almost feel its also late….. which gon stop me personally huh???


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Lay It On Myself (feat. Huge Sean) by Kelly Rowland | Totally Free Listening on SoundCloud. Utilize move therefore the arrow up and down secrets to change the volume. Once you register, your upload begins. SoundCloud may request cookies is set on your device. We use snacks to let us understand whenever you see SoundCloud, to know how you communicate with us, to. Kelly Rowland – Lay It On Me Personally. File. Size. Kelly_Rowland-Lay_It_On_3. MB. People: down load. Print and Download Lay It On Me sheet songs. Music notes for Piano/Vocal/Guitar (Piano Accompaniment) sheet music by Kelly Rowland: Hal Leonard – Digital Sheet Musical at .

What are you looking forward to? Check out Ms. However, the video certainly packs sass a plenty, gloss, and great choreo due to Anthony Burrell, Phlex, and Frank Gatson. Within the meanwhile…. Your email address won’t be posted. Write to us that which you need certainly to say:. Save my title, mail, and website in this browser for the following time I comment.

This lady is fine. I’d like you to definitely state this movie aint hot. You need to be crazy. Go Kelly. Because using piano, viloin, etc. And how dare e. Serena Williams, padraig harrington and others playing white recreation??? Now THIS was uncalled-for. If anyone arises in here with shade!!! Chick is bad!!! Queen kelly rowland is just the best.. simply the facts, sans feeling, and washed of hyperbole.. The U. Kelly Rowland is currently featured on a single of the U.

I’ve a question for you. Having said that: exactly why are you such an avid Kelly Rowland fan? are you currently a homosexual? What makes you then so keen upon seeing her become successful? I care about talent! Do tell.. KD Receive some sunshine in your life…. Throw all of them tones away and obtain it. Arriving here with this tone!!! And Finally X,Y and Z here once more after being overlooked by somebody he promises become his fav chris brown countless post informing him to drop kelly from his tour…. Take some sunshine ok? We see Kelly has learnt a few tips from her friend Bey..

These folks never ever Learn SMH!!!!!! We now have some awesome sleuth P. LOL Remind me to hit you up if ever we begin questioning my lovers fidelity. This video clip was amazing!! I must say I loved it. She appears confident and comfortable in her own very own skin which will be exactly what the song necessary to have a good video clip treatment.

That really made the video look great. K Row killed it!! A number of the shots in this vid tend to be gorgeous, she be getting her model on the real deal!! Loveeeee it! Slay em Skip Rowland.. As for somebody who requested exactly what the elephant is for.. I do believe you will need to expand your brain and consider the artistic concept of the elephant..

You stay in ya lane! Kelly is into black males and it has even gone away with a couple UK based ones. She yes as hell already been giggly and flirty using the blacks men on x-factor auditions stages. I believe she likes other races to but which really care bout that total?? Kelly had 2 many eggs in a single container with x-factor, tours, offers and record and unfortuitously the record album experienced cus associated with that.

Im a DC fan and like all the women doing well. Especially when the place in the task and routine to do great. Was raised following there music journey and we same age groups therefore only one of those things.

Pls publish your pic and lets see how beautiful u are. You understand the haters could perhaps not wait wait to state she copied. Well shut up. Anyhow Kelly appears hot. Obviously there goal would be to trigger drama. Figure out how to disregard these kind of individuals. For the time being Lay It On Me. I have no time at all for folks who shamelessly rip off another singer in a poor try to save her record which ended being appropriate fourteen days after it had been circulated. Her and Beyonce need certainly to grow up and acquire some artistic integrity.

Keep on advancing Ms. The visuals look good. I really like kelly but they say she slaying. The essential enjoyable thing is went your art is identified by the music business. Okay, there is absolutely no denying Ms Kelly has come up. Major growth reguardless of what any one of yall have actually to say about any of it. Get yours girl! We to people who saying Kelly copied allow me to drop a little light on one thing. But in any event it goes, Beyonce makes the origional 10x better despite the fact that she lacks a whole lot creativity.

Its constantly effortless. Kell may have not really seen this Livi video, i know never have, so there for Kell just isn’t a copy pet. The director could be the fault. Also I just saw that Livi girl vid as well as the choreo is not the exact same and on occasion even just like me personally. LOL kelly doesn’t have IT factor however you gusy remain speaing frankly about her and criticizing her work..

Queen Kelly slayed.. Chillin October 12, at am Queen Kelly slayed.. Chillin October 12, at am haha KD you are pressssssssseddd…. Just Deep, Ms. a very important factor is the identical you quick to call her a copy cat.. If thats the truth everybody in the industry is a copy cat htese days.. KD lol you are still mad though.. Why come on here to disrespect someone.. First of most, We hate the hair and makeup. Together with choreography had been lacking. Each time we notice this tune, i wish to get-up and dancing.

When it comes to Kelly versus. The movie suits the track. Kelly appears great! KD your thoughts on Kelly are simply irrelevant as you are. Stop hating on Kelly and present her a chance. Give her a chance! They require an alternative like now! Kelly but Ciara.. Decmeber i prefer the movie.