Professional sets ps-c33.Pro Series PS-C33 – 1/3 HP fusion Primary & Backup Sump Pump program


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Incorporated with System. Combination Pumps. PS-C33 Combination Pumps. Run times may differ considering inflow of water. Locations to get. Controller qualities: Unique monitoring controller detects problems of pump and energy problems appears a security, pinpoints dilemmas and solutions in the control panel Receive notifications regarding your PHCC Pro Series pumps and back-up sump pump system while overseas utilizing a PHCC Pro Series CONNECT module Alarm could be silenced during an electric outage Runs pump weekly to test for appropriate operation Displays portion of power staying into the battery.

Controller Comparison PS-C11 PS-C22 PS-C33 Will seem alarm showing: – Battery requires sufficient water – Battery is old and requirements become changed – Battery is released – Cable is loose or terminals are corroded – Power, fuse or circuit breaker has failed – Pump has been activated; look at the primary pump for failure The security may be silenced during an electric outage instantly test push weekly USB Data Port capability to remotely inform which alert features triggered or exactly what specific maintenance might be required Remote Terminal Ability to remotely notify of a problem or needed maintenance Can accommodate comparable standby batteries to extend the run time Backup pump works down AC power as well as battery shows percentage of power staying in the electric battery.

PS-C22 Fusion Pumps. Wet-cell Standby Power B View Catalog. The alarm are silenced during a power outage. USB information Port capability to remotely inform which alert has actually activated or just what specific maintenance might be required. Remote Terminal potential to remotely inform of a problem or needed upkeep.

Can accommodate comparable standby batteries to increase the run time. Backup pump works down AC power also battery. Showcases percentage of energy remaining when you look at the battery pack. Two B


Pro series ps-c33.PHCC Professional Series PS-C33 Professional Series – 1/3 HP fusion main & Backup Sump Pump System

Jun 17,  · If you’re looking for a weightier duty system, the Pro Series PS-C33 is obviously a specialist grade system when compared to Basement Watchdog BW The main distinction between the two is: 1. The BW will deal with GPH at 10 feet for the main 5/5. Jul 19,  · be connected towards the Pro Series C33 system by purchasing a second battery and acid pack, along with a set of battery pack jumper cables. Jumper cables specifically designed with this usage can be obtained from the producer, Glentronics, Inc. The Pair of Pumps mix Sump Pump System includes: • A1/3HP pr im ay uwth c ge l. This item Glentronics, Inc. PS-C33 PHCC Gallons Per Hour Pro Series 1/3 HP fusion Sump Pump System Zoeller Aquanot ProPak53 Preassembled Sump Pump program with Battery Back-Up THE BASEMENT WATCHDOG Big Combo CONNECT Model CITS 1/2 HP main and Battery Backup Sump Pump program with Smart WiFi Capable and 24 Hour a Day tracking Controller/5(13).

Skip to Main Content Skip to Footer. Free Shipping. ZIP Code. Expedited Shipping Available – Shipping rates computed at Checkout. Model: PS-C How-To Articles. Show All Functions. Min Sump Basin Size.

Housing Material. Reviews Write An Assessment. Customer Pictures and Video. Show More Reviews. Ask A Question. What is the minimal size basin needed for the professional series ps-c What’s the size of both pumps combined? The combined measurements for the PS-C33 are 10″ large by 11″ long by this technique will work in the absolute minimum 12″ large basin.

What are the dimensions associated with electric battery field that accompany this technique? I purchased this pump from Sump Pumps Direct and think it’s great. We’ve had the worst rainy week right here within the last few 24 months. The pump is triggering when one minute right now.

My issue is the fact that is not great for the pump. My gap is thin but fairly deep, so each period is pumping possibly 2 gallons. The 10 second shut down is not the issue as the gap is moved dry. Is there any kind of float options, to permit even more water in the gap before causing.

We have the float as high as feasible because of the piping and excessive of course will affect the back-up float. Hello Anthony. These pumps and switches are created to deal with the rigors associated with the switching cycles during rainy times and periods and that means you will not need to worry so long as those cycle prices decrease whenever things dry up.

This would offer you two sensors, one for your “ON” level and another for your “OFF” level to give you total control of your cycle rates. Please be aware however, that that is strictly for the main pump operation just and NOT for your back-up pump. Researching this to your Liberty combination. Liberty states this has solid management. My washing machine drains into my sumo gap to make certain that includes lint from clothes And also, just what battery pack choices are recommended for right back up?

Could I make use of a maintenance-free marine battery using this system? Indeed, but you’d have to link the water sensor from the controller, into the good terminal regarding the electric battery. Would be the switches adjustable and so I can set water height to allow them to switch on? Does the float turn fully off the pump or does it operate for a set time period? The float switches can be modified and moved higher or lower, you could need to get a little creative to make this happen due to the actual design for the piping on this system.

The float switches are timekeeper based. The principal pump will run for around 10 seconds when the float is raised and drops back to it really is original position. The backup pump will operate for about 25 seconds when the float is raised and drops returning to it’s original place.

Jim I recently purchased this pump regrettably after a heavy rainfall with both pumps running I still had an overflow. Would running split 1. may seem like the Y in the outlines might produce a bottle neck? While the preliminary setup and installing combo methods for instance the PHCC Pro Series PS-C33, does alllow for a simpler installation, running a separate discharge for each pump will certainly assist to offer each pump’s true pumping ability where both pumps need certainly to function at exactly the same time.

Jim – Any issue wth installing a redundant check device regarding the discharge pipe prior to link with the unit wouldn’t it hinder circulation by any means on a 10′ lift? You’d recognize some extra friction loss and a small lowering of GPH. Typically, you should have one check valve set up for every single pump in your system. And those check valves is replaced when you supercede your pump. Hello Jim, thank you for answering my questions concerning the PS-C It sounds like a great combo pump!

Did you know what type of rise protector is advised with this device? Many Thanks, Terry. Thank you for your interest in Sump Pumps Direct. I am thinking about a combo product and would like to hear your thoughts. The key distinction between the 2 is: 1. A little less capacity on the primary compared to the BW but somewhat more capability from the back-up pump. The PS-C33 will accept 2 battery packs connected in parallel to double the run time. The BW will not supply this method. With all the recommended Basement Watchdog battery pack, you need to get approximately 8 hours of constant run some time hours of non-continuous run time on a complete charge.

Please be aware but, why these reviews are derived from a unique battery and certainly will reduce in the long run and rounds the battery features utilized. By the addition of a second battery, you’ll double that run time for you 16 constant and non-continuous.

PS-C does it easily fit into a 12″ dia sump pit? May I use a sealed battery? Battery pack substance sensor was designed to fit the professional Series Standby battery packs. If this is difficult to maintain for you, you may use a maintenance no-cost battery pack using this system. Could be the obove system a good system?

I don’t require a damp basement whenever going back house. Each pump about this system uses a dual float switch. The dual float turn on the principal pump includes two huge drifting rings enclosed within a protective cage.

If for just about any reason the lower float does not trigger the pump, the water will increase to the second float, and it’ll stimulate the pump. As the pump evacuates the water through the gap, the floats will drop. The pump will run for an additional 10 moments to extend the cycle following the lower float drops.

The blue controller for the major pump abilities this switch. During an electrical outage, or whenever even more water is entering the sump than the major pump are designed for, the backup pump will immediately start pumping. Additionally features a dual float switch, anytime one float fails to trigger the pump, the next float will trigger the pump when water reaches that degree.

While the water recedes underneath the float switch, a timekeeper when you look at the control device will run the pump one more 25 seconds to empty the pit. This is probably among the much better high production combination systems that people carry and I also would highly recommend it.

Needed Accessories 9. Include All Needed Accessories. Optional add-ons The Rolling Stones once famously sang, “You can’t always get what you need. Read Article. The very last thing you will need is a tidal pool of sewage infiltrating your basement. You’ll scarcely think about your sump pump until it really is far too late. In case your sump pump Sump Pumps How-To Library. Visit Our How-To Library.

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