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The ultimate walkthrough for Magic Farm: Ultimate Flower. Included tend to be basic strategies, specific methods, and a step-by-step help guide to save yourself Iris’ parents in record time. Content s of the online game guide might not be copied or posted on virtually any site without permission from everyday Game Guides.

The purpose of Magic Farm Ultimate Flower would be to rescue your parents as quickly as possible. In inclusion, you might make an effort to decide on the large rating of this online game. There’s two modes to try out in this video game: Casual and Hardcore. Casual is in fact a misnomer; it must really be Normal or some such. Hardcore, nonetheless, is completely known it’s impossibly tough. While you go along in the game, not only can you have to makes a whole load of cash but you’ll have also have to collect certain combinations of flowers to advance.

You’ll fulfill a number of characters who’ll want different things from you. To get the large score you will need to you will need to beat days on informal mode or days on Hardcore mode. Note: There are two main variations of Magic Farm floating around. Magic Farm was released before Magic Farm: Ultimate Flower even though its theoretically similar game, the two games perform relatively differently.

There is an Unofficial help guide to Magic Farm available through Robin Games’ website click here and you can find helpful hints and information readily available here but it is a bit complicated as it’s not clear to which variation the info pertains. Get and check it for many interesting background information but please understand that a number of the information here does not pertain to Magic Farm: Ultimate Flower.

Save often. Start your degree over if you shed a plant. Just pick Menu, Load, after which car Save, and you will be cut back to your start of the day. Buy plenty of one type of plant at the start of each farm to optimize your earnings. Offer blossoms in arrangements and not separately.

Only hold as numerous flowers within the container at the end of the day while you think it may hold without going over ability the next day. Offer plants as you are making a farm to visit next location. The only person you will have to come back to is the 4th farm, Shadow Glen. Pick your ability points wisely. While you get experience you will end up because of the possibility to upgrade Iris’ and Robin’s abilities. Let Robin liquid for you personally; this may permit you to pay attention to obtaining rose and killing pest.

It will likewise save you money from purchasing water or an additional barrel or a really. 1st farm is the only one where i got myself a second barrel. Bugs regularly drop water therefore when Robin joins you, I would personally keep room for 2 liters of liquid at the beginning of the afternoon such as don’t fill-up! Additionally do not collect water should you not have room because of it; you’ll only waste it. Make Robin work for you by clicking on him; view your flowers to enable you to water them if he forgets.

It is possible to accelerate the development of a plant by watering more often; nevertheless, you could conserve water and the cash it costs by watering belated or letting Robin do it. I would recommend playing the overall game in the windowed mode. In addition to understanding when you are getting an email, an inferior display will help you to see the whole area and you’ll move the mouse less while you click around.

Occasionally you certainly do not need to complete a job to move on and you will need to do therefore once or twice to be able to finish the overall game in record time. See under. Prior to heading to the farm be sure to check out the pursuit display screen to make sure you are done speaking.

Occasionally figures will state you’ll want to wait for something and in truth you don’t; therefore just always check. Skip giving the salesman coins for a sword regarding the 2nd farm. Miss giving the main his rose assortment for an alter regarding the 3rd farm. Miss offering Dr. Burton their flower assortment from the last farm for an altar. Only purchase the scepter through the pirate king while you obtain the crystals because of it; do not make a unique work to do this; if it comes down, it comes down. On all nevertheless the last farm, usually do not choose the center priced plants.

Objectives to attain to stay on the right track for large score: Leave very first farm after having offered every little thing around Day Get around in gold and then offer the plants. Keep 2nd farm after having offered every little thing for an overall total of coins around Day 33 Leave 3rd farm after having offered every thing for at least silver after paying the pirate around Day You will need to leave the 4th farm around Day 71 and no later than Day 74 Don’t believe you can do it.

Then take to the walkthrough. I did it in 95 days and when had such best of luck I became able to perform it in 91 times! Gardiner coins for Mr. Spade 3 rainbow camomile for Mr. Gardiner 5 snail shells for salesman Second Farm: Port Arrowhead coins for the farmer 9 strawberries for Spade coins for Spade 9 gold strawberries for Spade coins for blade from the salesman skip that one to truly save time coins for captain Third Farm: Hilo Island 5 pineapples for the principle 15 pineapples for the pirate 3 Nopal flowers, 2 cactus blossoms, 1 pineapple for an altar through the chief skip that one to save time 8 beetle horns for upgraded gun gold Fourth Farm: Shadow Glen silver for Reed silver for Reed coins for the Pirate King 13 tigerblooms, gold for the gun 1 yeti stick for the Pirate King 13 flame flowers for Reed after planning to might Town Fifth Farm: May Town Fuel when it comes to Pirate King; come back to Shadow Glen and talk to Reed 9 serpentine, 5 glowworm, 2 everlasting ice for the chief 8 ghost weights and 5 burning up ice for the chief 3 flowers of earth 5 blossoms of charming ice for Dr.

Burton don’t waste enough time 5 earth fruits, 13 developed serpentine, 3 blossoms of burning up ice for the principle crystals for the pirate king to fight the sea serpent 5 earth flowers, 5 plants of fire, 5 plants of liquid for the principle crystals for scepter helpful not necessary Final bloom Walkthrough Step-by-Step please be aware that this game is somewhat random along with your outcomes can vary greatly.

Except when you first arrived at a farm, you will end up doing your buying at the conclusion of per day. Farm 1 – Rosemont Day 1 Buy 2nd camomile plant choose twice At the conclusion of your day, offer 3 to 4 flowers in a bouquet Buy third camomile plant and also as much water as you’re able to afford Day 2 Water later when you yourself have significantly less than 6 water update trading abilities Buy 4th camomile; do not purchase cash trees Day 3 Water late to truly save liquid Buy nothing Day 4 Upgrade trading to 2 Do not pay Mr.

Gardiner 50 coins Get Robin No plants–even though you ought to have money you intend to wait for the basket which will come after Day 6 Day 6 utilize Robin getting liquid while you select flowers and eliminate bugs; just water if he doesn’t Upgrade trading skills to 3 Since you are receiving another container you can store some blossoms between days now. I simply eliminated the white camomiles. Buy 2nd basket Day 7 Mr. Gardiner desires 3 rainbow camomile; but do not offer them up if you wish to offer all of them to buy second rose Buy 2nd rose and in case you have actually enough rainbow camomiles, provide them with to Mr.

Gardiner to get statue Buy 2nd barrel; this level need this since you are going to max completely your flowers and Robin isn’t top waterer however. Choose the water for the barrels but leave area for insects dropping liquid Day 9 update statue Day 10 Upgrade Trading skill to 4 you ought to be in a position to go through the blossoms within the arrangements now in place of dragging them over Salesman wants 5 snail shells update statue again Day 11 Buy lot and rose 4 times through the second levels after filling up water Day 12 Upgrade Robin’s watering skills to 2 Day 14 Buy 3rd basket when you can afford it after buying an overall total of 6 roses Day 15 Upgrade watering to 3 Day 20 Need over gold plus flowers to offer offer every little thing Pay spade coins Move to Port Arrowhead Pay Farmer Dell coins Farm 2 – Port Arrowhead Day 20 Purchase 5 strawberry plants; keep spot in the back empty for the present time and water At end of time, Sell strawberries if required for liquid based on exactly how much you started with Water is quite pricey with this level 10 gold per liter so let Robin take action as much as possible.

Offer 9 strawberries to Mr. Spade when you’re able to afford to do so buy water initially to ensure that you can The statue whenever lit will deteriorate insects once you click it; you do not absolutely need it though.

Day 24 Pay gold to Mr. Spade Save silver strawberries Day 26 Buy heart plant when you are able to afford it Day 27 Upgrade pest fighting Day 28 Give 9 gold strawberries to Spade Skip paying salesman silver Day 30 Sell 2 unique strawberry purchase another heart You cannot maintain your money to attend next area so that your goal is to find adequate to meet the gold objective while selling your flowers therefore start counting very carefully whenever you get to gold if all plants tend to be fully enhanced, they’ll be worth gold or if minds are in degree 2 Day 33 Sell your flowers 3 strawberries, 2 minds when you yourself have sufficient money and plant worth to obtain gold Farm 3 – Hilo Island Day 33 Buy 2 pineapple plants and 4 water, Upgrade farming Day 35 Give the main 5 pineapple and get 25 silver.

At some point later your basket might refill close to the end of the day, you could however do the horn. Day 68 You should be over coins by now Try not to sell plants of odd light the orange flames Day 69 Count the number of orange flames and sell flame plants that you don’t have to result in the goal. Burton’s missions Start saving evolved serpentine Let Robin water our planet fruit so it does not evolve too quick time 86 or sooner dependent on your fortune Offer 5 earth fresh fruits, 13 developed serpentine, 3 flowers of burning up ice Give Pirate King crystals by selling whatever you want to get here you’re also perhaps not likely to concern yourself with the scepter from the pirate king Now only concentrate on keeping these blossoms live and selecting them Day 89 Give 5 planet flowers, 5 blossoms of fire, 5 flowers of liquid hold talking to chief, you won’t need certainly to play without Robin if you keep coming back to talk should do the last fighting off of pests.

Sell material if you prefer the crystals for scepter Before you leave the town display, click the quest screen just underneath the day quantity to make sure you do not see any longer speaking with do Day 95 finish off extra quests can be found at the conclusion of the overall game. I would personally instead replay the video game myself andtry for a much better rating but they’re there clearly was you would like them!

Hardcore hints every little thing is much more expensive. You should utilize a different sort of method as you will never be able to hold as much plants choosing all of the pests. Skill updates will have to emphasize pest killing. There was a minumum of one additional task for every farm and it surely will be a doozey see italics in task list below.

The bugs tend to be wickedly tough. You will need to update your tools as quickly as possible from the second and fourth facilities. You’ll skip the rose collections for the altars from the third and 5th facilities. There is no need to plant the middle plant on the very first three farms but needs all 3 types during the last two farms. If you reach an excellent difficult amount and find you are being forced to resume it over and over, consider saving after each and every wave of pests in order that at least you don’t have to begin from scratch.

You need to overcome days to have beginning; I played only one time and did not understand the objectives and still got times. First Farm: Rosemont 50 gold for Mr. Gardiner 3 roses for Mr. Burton usually do not waste the time 5 earth fruits, 13 developed serpentine, 3 blossoms of burning up ice for the chief crystals for the pirate king to fight the sea serpent 5 planet plants, 5 plants of fire, 5 flowers of water for the chief crystals for scepter useful yet not necessary Final bloom Content s of the online game guide is almost certainly not copied or posted on any kind of website without permission from everyday Game Guides.


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Take regarding the role of a savvy youthful business owner with a magical green thumb. Grow a number of blossoms and fruit in this enchanting Time Management gardening themed simulation game. Offer your blossoms individually or make beautiful bouquets for optimum profits! Re:Magic Farm: Ultimate Flower. by MTEpinky on Jun 17, 09 AM. you can get the game through the official forum [URL Removed by Moderator] in the event that you bought the previous version from robin games then this version is no-cost, in the event that you purchased elsewhere then it are priced at $ it . Magic Farm 3 – Ultimate Flower. GameHouse Guarantee. Have fun with confidence. All games quality tested & % virus no-cost. Magic Farm 3 – Ultimate Flower.

Game Forums Home. I go that Magic Farm: Ultimate flower is circulated. Anyone knows where you might get it or whenever BFG is about to launch it and weather they actually planning to start it? Thanks a lot loads. I am actually confused about it online game. Is it an upgrade version or is it an entirely brand new sequel to your initial? The main reason I ask is that I decided to go to purchase it at some other web site in addition they said we currently had the game – apparently they use BigFish downloader.

Therefore to Big Fish this “Ultimate” seems the exact same while the one i got myself from their store a little while straight back. But they do look like different games. Why did BFG think I became attempting to purchase the exact same online game an extra time? Can any person describe this to me? Dear ilsonbeauty – we visited the rapidshare link and tried to install Ultimate Flower nonetheless it informs me i want yet another application to open up the file. Just what do you utilize? If only huge Fish would hurry – I’m truly looking forward to this video game!

Hi Everyone, I had to removed various links with this thread, thus I simply wished to provide you all a quick heads up that individuals do not let links to outside websites in our forums. You can see more of your recommendations within our forums FAQs. Thanks – Susan. We cant put in or reinstall mag farm ultimate flower after all from big seafood. Altho I enjoyed this variation plus the original game, i’m only a little frustrated that the last ending leaves you dangling. Whenever reading during the online game website the coders said they know they did that but rushed it out for usage.

Bad idea! Got this new variation to put in but each and every time i make an effort to play it freezes up my whole comp. I have attempted uninstalling and reinstalling but it doesn’t appear to work. EndlessSerpent Guppy blogs. I need to agree with that statement. It would are great to have held the two games individual from one another. I enjoyed both and would not have inclined paying to keep both games. These are typically similar, yet somehow very different at precisely the same time. We have both games but just because i got myself the first at some other spot that shall remain nameless, lol.

TopazMystique Clownfish Posts. We purchased Magic Farm not long ago. Might have already been nice if had tell us that the newer version had been available. I was soooo glad to note that the designers made the final exams easier and eliminated the main one to get 40 Yeti sticks. I was dreading doing that again! Needed a lot of fast activity and took me TIMES to finish!

This version is way better and simpler in my situation! Those Yeti sticks were a pain, nevertheless they had been enjoyable also. I don’t such concept of needing to hold Robin in water and food within the hardcore variation. That’s more of a pain. A Bouquet for Everyone Bloom! Share flowers with all the World Bloom! Daisy Pet Inspect Dr. Hyde: The Unusual Situation Dr. Lynch: Grave Techniques Dr. Fruit Lockers Reborn! Fresh Fruits Inc. Rescue Squad! Droids Jungle vs. Maggie’s Flicks: Camera, Action!

Nightmare Realm: In the End Zombies Plant This! Magnus The Dreamatorium of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. climate Lord: Legendary Hero! discover your online game discussion board. Search All Discussion Boards. Guest check in to join the discussions. Magic Farm: Ultimate Flower. Re:Magic Farm: Ultimate Flower. I simply went to my buy history and re-installed the Magic Farm that We purchased way back.

What is downloading is “Ultimate Flower,” so it does appear that it is just an improvement. The real deal. It’s the same game. Uninstall your old one. Reinstall from purchase record. It is simply an important change.